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MWSUG 2018 Special Events

All of these special events are included in your MWSUG registration!
(Updated 24-Jul-2018, more information coming soon!)

Dr. Ena Bromley
BioStat Solutions, Inc.

Keith Shields

Opening Session, Reception, and Networking

Sunday, September 30, 6:30pm - 10:00pm

Join us Sunday evening for our opening session. We'll have two special keynote presentations. Our first speaker will be Dr. Ena Bromley. She'll be speaking on "Enriching the World Through Data and Statistics". Dr. Bromley is the President and Chief Scientific Officer of BioStat Solutions, Inc.

Our second keynote address will be given by Keith Shields, Chief Analytics Officer of OneMagnify, a technology and analytic services firm in Detroit. His topic will be "Why SAS Users Are Old But Not Dead".

Monday Breakfast Panel Discussion

Monday, October 1, 8:00am - 9:00am

Monday morning we'll get right down to business with a panel discussion. We'll ask our panelists to share their thoughts on "Why is analytics more important today than ever?" Panelists will include Keith Shields of OneMagnify, Tho Nguyen of Teradata, and other industry leaders to be announced.

Tho Nugyen
Technology Director, Teradata

Monday Lunch Keynote

Monday, October 1, 12:00pm - 1:30pm

During Monday's networking lunch (included in your conference registration), we'll have a special presentation from Tho Nguyen of Teradata.

From AI to XI: It All Starts with "HI"

‘HI’ is a universal way to greet family, friends and acquaintances. It is a common word we say many times every day. ‘HI' can also be very powerful in the context of Human Intelligence. I strongly believe we (as humans) are quite intelligent and we provide the intelligence that feeds many ‘XI’ platforms such – Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Customer Intelligence, Machine Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence. In this keynote, come and join the conversation about artificial intelligence and how it all starts with ‘HI.’

Code Clinic

Have a sticky SAS coding problem that's got you stumped? The doctor is in! The Code Clinic is staffed by SAS experts who can assist you in untangling even the most stubborn code. Bring your code or sample data along on a USB drive, or just put it somewhere you can access online.

MWSUG 2018 Koala Quest

This year, MWSUG has the pleasure of hosting several travelers from Australia as representatives of Metacoda. However, these travelers have only been allotted a one-way ticket to the United States and are, therefore, looking to be adopted! These adorable yet mischievous guests enjoy all aspects of SAS conferences and can be found throughout the event.

Help us find a loving home for these lovable Koalas. But first we need to track down these crazy critters. They do like to explore and sometimes find themselves in the oddest of places. So please be on the lookout for them. If you find one, locate a Koala Keeper so that the koala can be ‘tagged’ as having been found and adopted. As an added bonus to adopting one of these darling creatures, you will be entered into a drawing for a special prize!

Closing Session

Tuesday, October 2, 4:00pm-4:30pm

Leaving so soon? Think again! Wrap up your MWSUG conference at our Closing Session. We'll announce the Best Paper winners, introduce next year's conference co-chairs, and get a sneak peak at MWSUG 2019. And, as always, there will be door prizes!