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MWSUG 2021 Section Descriptions

MWSUG 2021 will feature numerous paper presentations spread across a variety of academic sections. Presentation abstracts will be posted after selections are made this summer. Below are descriptions of the sections we expect to include in this year's academic program.

Business Leadership

This section features papers showcasing how SAS is being used to solve real-world business problems, drive process-flow, influence career decisions or guide project management. This section involves more discussion surrounding how SAS has helped a business or process become more effective or efficient, rather than the coding behind it.


Ready for a break? The e-Poster session involves various SAS-related topics presented in an electronic poster format rather than as a formal lecture. Posters are available throughout the conference and are ideal for displaying high-resolution graphics and innovative presentations. Authors are available during scheduled times to answer questions and provide an interactive session or a quick walkthrough.

Basics and Beyond

A forum for both new and experienced SAS users to learn a broad-spectrum of SAS programming techniques and topics. Papers in this section include step-by-step instructions and clearly illustrate how the feature or process are used or applied. Topics may include SAS language features and programming concepts, interacting with external files, reporting, data visualization, data management, data mining, output delivery system (ODS), macros and much more. The objective of these presentations is to provide a deep, practical understanding of key SAS features and behaviors that can make the attendee a more efficient and valuable SAS user/programmer.

Pharma & Healthcare

This section focuses on the use of SAS software within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Topics include: clinical programming, Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) compliance, reporting and biostatistics; programming and reporting using enrollment, medical and pharmacy claims data; approaches to government accreditation and regulations; healthcare reform reporting mandates; and fraud detection.

Analysis & Advanced Analytics

Analytics is increasingly important to operations in business, finance, healthcare, academia, government and many other types of organizations. SAS is a longtime pillar in the statistical community, offering a broad array of techniques to meet the growing demand for data analysis. The Statistics and Data Analysis section provides a unique opportunity to see presentations on statistical applications and data analytics using SAS software. Statisticians, economists, epidemiologists, forecasters and market researchers present their novel applications of statistical methodology, teach important concepts, and illustrate the benefit of new techniques.

Anything Data

Whether handling small data sets or so-called “big data”, it has become increasingly important to to analyze and understand them correctly. This includes data cleaning and anomaly detection, report preparation, visual analytics like SAS/GRAPH or BI dashboards, data exploration, and more. Show us how you make your data work smarter not harder.

This section will also cover new or important concepts that don't quite fit into any other section but that, nonetheless, need a voice! This might include metadata exploration/use, PROC SQL/IML integration of open source languages, ODS output locations, or your newest high-rotation tips and tricks.

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