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2019 Best Paper Winners

Congratulations to our MWSUG 2019 Best Paper Winners!

AL-059. Track SAS Viya user logins to identify usage and drive improvement using actionable Intelligence: navigate visual reports, track KPIs and visualize long term trends.
Anurag Kulkarni, Revspring

Business Leadership

BL-104. Explore your data before you rush to analysis, you will thank me later: explorations in cross section data
Steven Myers, The University of Akron

Hands On Workshop

HW-086. Base SAS® & SAS® Enterprise Guide® Automate Your SAS® World with Dynamic Code ~ Forwards & Backwards
Kent Phelps, Illuminator Coaching, Inc.
Ronda Phelps, Illuminator Coaching, Inc.


IN-083. Classifying Risk in Life Insurance using Predictive Analytics
Sai Gopi Krishna Govindarajula, Oklahoma State University

Rapid Fire

RF-017. 3 ways to get Pretty Excel-Style Tables: PROC REPORT, PROC TABULATE, and Help from SAS Enterprise Guide®
Brooke Ellen Delgoffe, Marshfield Clinic Research Institute

SAS 101 Plus

SP-072. Powerful SAS® Output Delivery with ODS EXCEL
LeRoy Bessler, Bessler Consulting and Research


PO-098. Profiling hospital length of stay using the mode
Anne Cain-Nielsen, University of Michigan
Scott Regenbogen, University of Michigan